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Part Time Custodian

Job Description


To do this job, one must love the Lord, have the heart of a servant while remembering that everything we have and do is for the glory of God.



  1. Building A (Sanctuary)

    1. Vacuum the sanctuary a minimum of once a week prior to Sunday worship.  (More often in season, especially before and after special services.)

    2. Check to make sure it’s ready for Sunday service each Thursday.

    3. Empty trash.

  2. Building B (Family Life Center):

    1. Clean bathrooms.

    2. Wipe down tables and mop (if needed).

    3. Empty all trash in kitchen and prayer room.

  3. Building C (Youth Room and Classroom):

    1. Mondays – empty all trash, wipe down bathrooms, and straighten chairs.

    2. Thursdays – clean up after Youth program in building C. 

    3. Take out trash, wipe down bathrooms and tables, and spray with Lysol.

    4. Monitor and clean as required Monday through Friday.

  4. Building D (Main Office and Children’s Wing):

    1. Clean bathrooms in building.

    2. Wipe down bathrooms, tables, and countertops.

    3. Empty office trash.

    4. Vacuum hallway on Wednesdays or Thursdays.

    5. Monitor and clean as required Monday through Friday.

  5. Three times a week, mop all non-carpeted floors.

  6. Spot clean carpets after special events.

  7. Check to ensure proper stock and distribution of paper products and cleaning solution.

    1. It’s the custodian’s responsibility to order these essential cleaning supplies. We currently use Imperial Dade as our supplier. When one places an order, it’s usually here the next day. 

    2. Orders should be placed sometime between Monday and Wednesday as the office is closed on Friday.

  8. Custodian also orders paper products for the kitchen and the youth director if needed.

  9. Check to make sure lights are working.

  10. Check automatic air fresheners to make sure that they have good batteries and are working appropriately.




  1. Weekly clean windows.

  2. Semiannually Strip, wax and or seal all non-carpeted floors.

  3. Clean and/or replace air filters for the air conditioners monthly.

  4. Organize and supervise storage areas.




Because we are a team, the Maintenance Technician (MT) and the Custodian often supports one another with given tasks.


  1. When a room needs to be set up for a big event, if the MT needs help with a big project, the custodian will work with the MT to prepare the needed space.

  2. Be available if the office staff needs boxes moved or rooms set up or doors unlocked for a meeting.

  3. Brush off sides of buildings, around windows and doors.

  4. Before holidays and vacations – recruit volunteers to help deep clean, polish pews, vacuum pews (if needed), polish wood in the Sanctuary (Building A).

  5. Assist MT in ensuring that toilets flush appropriately.




  1. For a special event or dinner, the sponsors of the event should clean after themselves or pay an hourly rate to have the cleaning done. The Custodian should check to make sure that the building was appropriately cleaned.

  2. Setting up, or tearing down, of a set in the sanctuary for a special event (such as a concert) is the responsibility of the sponsors of that event, or they will need to pay an hourly rate to have the cleaning done for them.

  3. The custodian will oversee these functions and notify the sponsoring group if cleaning was not accomplished in a satisfactory manner. She/he will notifiy the church office so as to bill the group billed for services rendered.

  4. Professional carpet cleaning should be scheduled when necessary after special events.



Qualifications: Experience in this field of employment is preferred.

Reports to: Senior Pastor

Please email your resume to Pastor Dennis Lewis.